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  • Blind Willie McTell
  • Sanden Acoustic Guitars

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    I'm honoured and thrilled that I've been endorsing Sanden guitars since the mid 90's.
    I cannot say or write good enough to express my connection with these beautiful instruments. I've been playing them for more than 20 years and I keep being amazed by the character in the sound, evenness in the volume of each string and string separation when either strummed or played fingerstyle. The sustain seems endless and Sanden guitars push you to play your absolute best each time.
    The impeccable craftsmanship is an extra bonus.

    Please visit the homepage and read more about these great instruments!
  • Halmén Musik, Helsingborg, Sweden

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    A local music shop in Helsingborg, Sweden.
    Great choice of good acoustics (my main interest, right?) and I don't know how many students I've recommended this fine shop to when purchasing for their guitar. From affordable beginner models to finest Gibsons for example, you'll find it there.
    They even run an online shop called Order Music
  • Roland Scandinavia (amps & effects)

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    I've been using Roland and BOSS products for ages, it all started in the 80's when I fell in love with an amp which became a true icon among musicians looking for a big, clean sound. Keyboard, acoustic, electric guitars, jazz, blues, country, lap steel, you name it. It was a JC120 Roland amplifier.

    It went on to buying loads of pedals and effect units that never broke down on me, sturdy and high quality products.
    Today I'm proudly endorsing ME-70 Effect processor as well as the RC-30 looper and I'm also using following units:
    TU-12, TU-2, CS-3, DD-5, GE-7

    My acoustic amp of choice is an AC-90 by Roland which in combination with an external active monitor by Mackie (SRM350) makes for my monitor - mini PA setup.

    Swedish readers please se here for my profile on the Roland Scandinavia website.
  • G7th, UK (capos)

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    I'm proudly endorsing the G7th Performance capo. The best capo there is, in my opinion, please see various other models at G7th website.
  • AER strings for baritone guitar

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    I've been searching for strings that could do justice to the Sanden Baritone acoustic and at one of the music fairs I've med people from the AER company, usually associated with the high end acoustic amplifiers.
    It appeared that the great late acoustic guitarist Steve White had contributed to the start of the production of so called "Steve White Baritone Brew" strings by AER, a set of heavy, heavy gauge strings he could use on his standard acoustic, but tuned way down to A.

    I was curious if I could use these strings on my baritone instead and it worked!
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    The strings have a ball en but also a much longer unwound portion than ordinary strings have. The wound part of the strings never touches the saddle.
    AER claims that the sound is clearer this way and I seem to agree, the string maintain the fresh sound for a long time (they're not coated) and when they age the sound goes gradually into smoother and smoother nuance.
    I actually only change the strings when I've retuned so many times that I'm in the risk zone of breaking a string in the middle of the song or while changing tunings.
  • Metal Slides by Daddy Slide

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    Fantastic hand made metal slides by Daddy Slide company from Germany. They have made me a "Barry Slide" piece of beauty that's suitable for my baritone Sanden acoustic.
    Remember that the string gauges are 17-70 on this guitar and I needed a heavy slide to move the sound. At the same time the slide has to be light enough so that it doesn't slow down the hand movements.
    This was achieved by applying the "double conical" shape to it.
    Please read more on their site