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    D'Addario Flat Tops, EXP coated, Chromes
    DR bas strings
    DR Sunbeam phosphor bronzes
    AER Steve White Baritone Brew
    John Pierse single strings for various open tuning setups
  • PICKS & flatpicks

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    I'm playing with a thumbpick and my bare index and middle fingers, thumbpicks being either Golden Gate or Dunlop

    Flatpicks of choice are John Pierse Fast Turtles
  • Sans Amp Acoustic DI

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    When you play acoustic guitar with a build in pickup you often can't just go straight to the PA, it's either a preamp or a DI box that are needed in order to give you the right impedance and volume to build a good sound.
    This unit is both, a preamp with smooth controls for both EQ and some other settings, and it's also a DI box, all in one. I own an older model without a foot switch which only shows how sturdy they are. I've had mine for ages now. Check out the manufacturer's website
  • Acoustic guitar pickups

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    Seymour Duncan MAG MIC, soundhole magnetic pickup with an onboard mini condenser mic. Brilliant solution, works great for both finger-flatpicking and slide
  • G7th capos

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    The capos of my choice, please read more on the Endorsements page