Homesick Mac solo, with Blues Trio or the band, plus some top quality teaching!

Thank you for your interest in my work.
I'm performing mostly solo but there are various constellations I've been involved with over the years.

The longest collaboration I've had is the Blues Trio, acoustic duo with a fantastic harp player Pera Joe. We've been playing together since the early 80's when the band was established in 1983.

I'm also teaching guitar on all levels. I've got a great eye for things that you might need to change or improve in order to be a better player. Please contact me for a go-through and experience a real "Mac Attack". More info at request.
"Down By The Riverside medley" as Blues Trio, with Pera Joe on mouth harmonica
I'm also performing in a duo with Mats Bengtsson, piano player extraorinaire, always a joy to kick some good boogie woogie or old timey jumpy blues.
"Custard Pie Blues"
Depending on the occasion and venue, Homesick Mac can provide a first class entertainment within early blues, country and folk!

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