• The great, great Muddy Waters!
  • Muddy Waters
  • How do I book you?

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    Easiest to email to:
  • What's your view on social media? Friends on FB maybe?

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    Please read a very simple explanation on my Evernote page, thank you.
  • Do you give private guitar lessons?

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    Yes, when I have the time and when I meet a dedicated student.
    I'm very fond of a 4 hour lesson-sessions (with breaks, of course) every 4-6 months or whatever we decide, with lots of teaching material passed out as videos and follow ups through Skype. I call this "Mac Attack", so let me attack you as well!

    Please contact me directly if you're interested.

    The picture shows one of my groups of students from the annual Blues Week guitar camp in Northampton, England.
  • Who made your site?

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    I did it myself in Rapid Weaver which is a great program but with a steep learning curve for some.
    Why I liked it and chose to use it to code my website is the feeling of contributing to the community of programers, developers and generally very carrying and helping bunch of people who also earn some money doing what they love.
    It's not just a program developed by an office full of people (which it is anyway) but it gives us a core tool to start with.
    Then all the other people come in creating bunch of tools, themes, workarounds, it's amazing.
    So here's what I'm using: