Great success of the Retreat Festival 2016!

Hi folks!!

We have arranged an Open Air festival during the 5th annual Homesick Mac’s Guitar Retreat at Backafallsbyn, Island of Ven, Sweden.

This was an open event and no entrance fee was required. It was our present to everybody involved in the Retreat and a way to show appreciation and gratitude we feel for all the support - both from our participants and our sponsors.

Please read below about the artists who performed at the Retreat Festival 2016.
  • Emil & Zandra Ernebro

    Open or Close
    I have known Emil for several years now and we’ve played together on many occasions. He is one of the kindest colleagues and one of the most professional guitar players on the scene nowadays, apart from just being a picker extraordinaire, a guitarist’s guitarist…

    I wish he would sing as well (I know he can..) but he’s married to wonderful Zandra who is so good at it, and there you go - a fantastic duo performing at the Retreat Festival 2016!

    Read more at Emil’s website

  • Brian Kramer

    Open or Close
    Oh, do we go way back Brian Kramer and I, or do we not? We’ve been playing, jamming, hanging out for years now, and we’ve been enjoying every bit of it. Brian is a blues musician, producer, teacher, writer, cartoonist, and as if all this wouldn’t be enough, he’s also writing some great songs.

    Brian Kramer’s website
  • Afra Rubino

    Open or Close
    Afra Rubino is something else!

    In my world, only the distinguished Erik Steen contributed something new to the flamenco style in Scandinavia. I guess I’ve been listening too much to blues only…

    Here we’ve got a new name that has been gaining the reputation of a stellar flamenco guitarist in her own right, with impeccable timing and her very own expression. How refreshing and genuine, we’re looking forward to hear Afra live at the Retreat Festival!

    Afra Rubino’s website
  • Blues Trio (the smallest trio in the world)

    Open or Close
    Pera Joe & Homesick Mac

    If I had told you that I’ve played with this guy for more than half of my life, you might’ve believed we’re getting along quite well. We’re equally crazy about the old blues & roots music, and there’s something we cannot explain that drives us forward playing the same songs over and over again.

    There’s, however, always something new that happens within the blues’ so predictable musical form, it’s a great frame for us to play, experiment and enjoy.

    Here’s the live take on one of Pera Joe’s true show stoppers - Room To Move (by John Mayall).

    Pera Joe will be teaching the beginner blues harmonica during the Retreat as well, so grab your harp and join us!

    Some of our releases are on iTunes